Leonidus - Windurst

Dynamis - Windurst

Following Items
Rank 6
  • Vial of Shrouded Sand
  • Lv 65
Beastmen Stronghold GoblinPerpetual Hourglass

Zone Reward
MonsterKey Item
Tzee Xicu IdolHydra Corps Lantern

Capacity64 Members


DRK HandsSCH Feet
THF HeadWHM Feet
DNC HandsNIN Head
BLU FeetBST Head
PUP HandsSAM Legs
RNG HandsBLM Hands
SMN LegsPLD Feet
WAR Head


Windurst1 Windurst2


Move Forward until you reach AH, Pull the front part of the AH till you get the Time+, Move towards Shantotto's House and clear it out, Sac the MNK to the top of her house and double back to the AH island, Clear the bridge to the West. Clear out the next small island, and bridge going to Heaven's Tower. Hug the wall to get back Death house, and move up the ramp, pull the next bridge between BLM and SMN house. Sac pull BLM while simultaneously killing the 110 stat for some more time. Sac Pull SMN and head back to Heavens Tower, clear teh bridge and either kill the repops near the start of the bridge or don't. Head to mnk island and Sac pull RDM, then the boss. There you go! all there is the windy with next to no detail. (i recommend invincible for the MNK NM).


Assuming your going to pull the Bare Minimum of Windurst:

Pull #
001-003Nice and Slow should be able to manage
004-006Have BLM's ES AoE 005 to kill it fast, you'll get a couple of MNK's on this pull
007Don't aggro this stat while still fighting 004-006, only makes this complicated, hes just around the corner of the tent
008Easy enough, pops 4 mobs, take them down. Your mages may be low on mp but 008 is an MP stat so just push a bit further. Time +20
009Pops mobs on 008's section of the bridge be ready to take them out
010-011011 pops 2 BSTs
012-015pull 012 when 013 turns towards the north, get 013 at the southernmost point of his walk, 014&015 come at the same time
0162 SMNs 1BLM
017-019Big pull, pushing 7~11 mobs, can be pulled individually but extremely difficult. 018 Time +20
029&0304 mobs per stat
0311 SMN be ready! Time +10
032&033032 pops 033, totals 6 mobs 2 stats
0342x BST
035-037035 pops 036&037 only about 2 mobs, but 3 stats. 036&037 spawn at the bridge so have puller be aware to run though stats otw back
038-045Nothing exciting, 041 Time +20
046-MNKSac pull 046 to 045's position, pull MNK back to 040's position, Ls should be waiting at 040's position for MNK NM.
058-064 BLMs >4 Timed Nuke 058 Single, AoE nuke 060, pops 1 BST, AoE nuke 063, pops one DRG
BLMs <4 pull 058 back to LS at 029, have puller kite all stats while blms work on one at a time, watch out for silencega
065-068on 066 either pull nuke 066 down at start and clean up, or just pull it, kinda big pull, dont pull thinking its no big deal.
108&109Timed AoE nuke these, 1 WAR mob pop
089-092Repops for this happen at the end points of the bridge, be ready to kite the 3 stats on initial pull.
084-BLMSac pull 085 down to ~075's position, be careful 085 pops blms that can bind or sleepga your sac puller, silence pull BLM back to LS
101During BLM sac (since you don't need blms), send BLMs to kill 101, make sure they warp out as soon as 101 dies, also make sure they have RR
093-SMNWhile BLMs are otw back, Sac pull 093 to 045 heading East. have 2 people ready, one grab SMN other grab SMN avatar (almost always Ifrit)
110-112When BLM's recover (10min weakness for re-enter) AoE nuke 110&111, 112&113, 2 wars pop.
119&120ONLY if you have >35mins should you pull these, have someone pop 117 and die, AoE nuke 119&120, 6 mobs pop
116-RDMSac 116 to 007~009, you can go further but the reset takes longer. LS waiting at 035 for RDM NM, have tank waiting at 029 for RDM
121Pull 121 to 065's position, Grab big stat at 030 and head back to ls at 035

Mob Order

Yagudo are unfortunately one of the rougher beastmen to fight. With AoE stun they can get quite annoying at times. Same old Order except your NM's are mostly pulled completely separately from everything else making taking them out relatively easier than Quadav Goblins or Orcs.

Mob order is as follows SMN > BST > BST's pet > BLM, RNG, RDM, BRD > SAM, WAR, DRK, DRG > PLD & THF > DRG Wyvern > NIN > MNK > WHM

Mob Names: NOTE: All Monster's have the Prefix Vanguard, thus it will be ignored in the table